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The worst few weeks

I’ve written and re-written this post a dozen times to try and get my thoughts out there about the last few weeks and how awful they’ve been. Various things have been going on from my parents getting scammed to both Brad and I being ill as well as few other [Read more…]

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I’m on to you!

I’ve a suspicion that for a few months now I’m being “subtweeted” by a guy on Twitter. For those of you that don’t know, subtweeting is where you post a status that is targeted at someone without actually mentioning (or tagging) them. It’s often because you want to mock them [Read more…]

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And so it begins… again.

I’ve rejoined the gym. During lockdown I gained almost two and half stone and am absolutely disgusted with myself. That being said, if the scales are right this morning, since realising my stupidity and monitoring my food intake I’m not down a stone and a half. Currently, and I’m ashamed [Read more…]

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Happy New Year!

July sees the start of the new season for Toastmasters. All the new committees take over the running of the clubs, the new area directors take over their areas, new division directors step up and start looking after their divisions and the new district leadership team start doing just that [Read more…]

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I’ve never been too good with taking written exams. Practical exam, where I have to show someone something, I can ace but if I have to sit and write stuff out I struggle. Due to “the rona” I’m now going to be taking exams online. Still timed, still written, but [Read more…]

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A little while ago Davy Quinlivan did a Facebook post about films he hadn’t seen. Reading the list if I’d been wearing pearls I’d have clutched them and would probably still be holding them now! So this is the list and next to each one Davy I’ve given you a [Read more…]

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I am back at university and loving it. I’ve been on placement this month with the Galway Autism Partnership and they are such a great group to work with. In a short few months my time with them will be done and I’ll be back to trying to find a [Read more…]