My work bag!

My work bag!

People often comment about the contents of a woman’s handbag so let me tell you wants in the bag I take to work almost daily.  The items in bold are what I use daily.

– Laptop
– iPad
– Contact lens case
– Beard comb
– Make-up
– Tissues
– Solpadeine
– Rennie
– Diclofenac
– Injections
– Vape
– Vape refill
– Empty vapes
– Random letters I should deal with
– Notepad and pen
– Various pens
– Nail kit
– Aftershave
– Deodorant
– A bottle of water or Coke Zero
– Mints
– A specs case with earrings
– Specs
– Sunnies
– Cap
– Phone lead
– Laptop lead
– iPad lead
– Powerpack for laptop
– Powerbank

Yes, it’s a big bag.

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