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Years ago I used to write reviews for a living.

Now my career has moved on but I still want to share my thoughts.

I’m brutally honest.

Before you start calling me out for being wrong just remember it’s my opinion. You’re entitled to yours and I’m entitled to mine. Call me out on incorrect facts and I’ll correct them, tell me opinion is wrong and we’ll have a problem. Be polite and agree to disagree.

I’m very happy for you share your opinion.

So why Twelve Reasons Why?

Well years ago I was asked to write a book.  So I started.  It was the story of my life and it’s one I’m still writing.  As we all are I suppose.

When it comes to writing I work better if I have a title first. Coming up with the title, I feel, gives me something to work at. Even if, as happens so often, the title changes, it still gives me something to lead from and that helps me. Of course if I’m writing a talk or speech I’m about to give then they rarely get a title so, essentially, I could write without it, I just don’t want to.

I’ve digressed. Get used to that. It’ll happen often. As will this stunted style of writing/speech. It’s how I talk and people are used to it. You should/will be.

So I wrote the first few chapters. Edited them. Deleted them. Wrote them again and then started to think of the title because, as I’ve said above, it’ll help.

After much “no, that’s shit!” and “For the love of God, NO!” I was sat listening to music with the song Twelve Reason Why by the band My Life Story came on. I started to get this wry little smile. There was the band with a name that matched what I was doing and the title was perfect. So I used it. And then bought the domain. And here we are.

Now, as for this site, it used to just be a blog entry here and there but since losing it all [read all about it here] I decided to rebrand myself. From now on every entry will be Twelve Reasons Why… [insert sassy/shitty/boring/interesting title here].

Enjoy. Share. Let the carnival begin.

Oh and here’s the song.

Written by Rob

September 14th, 2016 at 12:01 pm

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