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Happy New Year!

July sees the start of the new season for Toastmasters. All the new committees take over the running of the clubs, the new area directors take over their areas, new division directors step up and start looking after their divisions and the new district leadership team start doing just that [Read more…]

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While searching through old files on my laptop I found this.  This was the first poem I ever read at Toastmasters.  I remember trying to find a poem I liked but couldn’t chose from the vast array so in the end I wrote my own. One of the things that [Read more…]

Every Day Entry

Great-granny and her rules.

Looking through old files on my computer I found this speech that I gave at Toastmasters.  It was my fourth ever speech. My great-grandmother was a formidable women who was the typical matriarch of her family.  Up until the day she got married she lead a double life.  Her parents [Read more…]