Twelve Reasons Why…

Movies reviews and other stuff like that!

Twelve Reasons Why…

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…I have my own site.

1. Because I like to have somewhere to express my own thoughts.

2. Because I’ve done it for years.

3. Because it’s a great way to vent.

4. Because I can share images with people should I want to rather than on Facebook etc. Although to be honest I’ll probably be sharing them on Instagram more than anything. There’s a link up there.

5. Because it’s a way to get support if I’ve something going on – weight loss, new jobs, etc.

6. Because it allows to me keep in touch with people who I might be friends with on other social media.

7. Because it allowed me to document travel and things that I want to remember.

8. Because I share files here and they’ll stay here without anyone else removing them for whatever reason.

9. Because I use the domain space to show people my work and demo sites I’ve designed.

10. Because writing stuff keeps my mind active even if it doesn’t make sense.

11. Because it gives people a chance to comment but I ultimately control it.

12. Because I can.

Written by Rob

September 16th, 2016 at 4:23 pm

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