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How my tags work!

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You’ll often see a long line of tags at the end of my posts and occasionally I get asked what they’re for or how they work. So here’s an explanation for you.

The tags are broken down in to the tag topic followed by the tag of one or two words, separated by a colon. For example:

Actor: Bruce Willis

Here are the topics and an explanation of each.

Actor*: One of the actors in the movie. More often than not it’ll only be the top five in the billing. For example Liam Neeson is not listed in A Monster Calls as he wasn’t in the top five in the order of credits. In fact he was way low down.
Director: The director of the movie
Genre: The genre of the movie
Studio: The studio involved in the production of the movie, not the distribution company.
Title: The title of the movie.
Emote: My thoughts during the movie. These could be good or bad.
Year: The year the movie was released.

Occasionally there may be more than one tag for each topic. Especially with the actor, studio and emote tags.

*Regardless of gender I’ll only ever put actor. I refer to female actors as actors and always have so that’s the way it’ll stay during on this site.

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April 27th, 2017 at 4:09 pm

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