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For a few years now I have kept a handwritten diary and a diary on my phone.  My diary is on every personal device I have. Before I start this entry and what it’s about let me explain something – I’m a massive Apple fan. Nothing you can say is [Read more…]


Writing 1.2

Day two of the writing course. We had to write words we like and don’t like. I struggled with this as words I don’t like, other than “okey-dokey”, isn’t something I’ve ever really thought of. And I have my reason for not liking okey-dokey. There are some words I like [Read more…]


Writing 1.1

I’ve started a writing course. It’s called “Couch to 80K” by a guy called Tim Clare. I’ve about five different books started but lack the motivation to finish them. I’m hoping this gives me that. You have to spend ten minutes writing every day. He gives you the exercises and [Read more…]

Random Thoughts

Happy 39th. Again.

It my birthday. I’m 39. Again. Brad and I are going to the beach for the day with the dogs. It’s going to be a lovely day. Because I’m going to remain 39.

Random Thoughts

Stand Up Roller Coasters

I am watching a programme about the ultimate ten thrill rides and the people are talking about how on a “stand-up” roller coaster… you stand up! As the human body is used to being in a seated position when travelling then its huge thrill to be stood up – erm [Read more…]

Random Thoughts


…I need a little place to vent my thoughts. I’m not looking for comments or validation and I can’t promise any of my thoughts will be justified by anything other than they are mine. Hello. Welcome to my world.

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Holidays are coming!

Brad and I have booked to got to Spain in June.  It has been too long since we’ve had a holiday.  We’re flying out to meet mom and dad.  I’m not gonna lie I’d much rather we were going on our own but only because it’s been a while since [Read more…]

Random Thoughts

Grandfather Paradox

I love theories around time travel. I don’t think time travel will ever be possible. When I’m asked why one of my answers is that if it was possible someone would have come back and told us. This rebuked with descriptions of how time travel will be so heavily policed [Read more…]

Random Thoughts

First Date Advice

Although I’m not the most romantic person in the world I’d like to think I make a good impression on a first date. As ‘they’ say you only have one chance to make a first impression. I must have done something right as sixteen years after my first date with my [Read more…]


My top ten best films of 2017

Lets be honest here twenty-seventeen hasn’t been a great year for movies. I’m quite sure many will disagree. Good for you. If I was to compile a top ten of the last ten years then it’s doubtful one would include any of these. Harsh? Maybe. Opinionated? Totally. But isn’t that [Read more…]

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Please stick with this entry, even though the first few paragraphs seem a bit boring and pointless. You’ll soon see where I’m going and why. Health services around the world will never please anyone. There is always someone who won’t be getting the service they feel they need and to [Read more…]

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Dinner Guest

I was asked a few days ago who my ideal dinner companions would be. You know the question, you’ve heard it before, usually while sat in a bar or at a training function, or ironically while at dinner, often with good companions. Who would you six dream dinner companions be? [Read more…]

Random Thoughts

Still Small Voice

Sometimes a problem stands before you and gives you the finger. You can’t pass it. You can’t wave it off like you do when others give you the finger, you have to confront it and demand to know why. So you stand your ground and you shout “why?” You make [Read more…]

Random Thoughts


It is Pride week. After last years brilliant Pride but fucked up committee I really hope this one goes off well. I’ve had a couple of issues with some committee members but personally I think I’ve been a good chairperson. Time will tell I suppose. The majority of the committee [Read more…]


Gay Labels

Over the years of being gay and going to various bars, clubs, nights, hoot nannies, exhibitions, shin-digs, festivals, marches, (I could go on with this list!) I’ve seen all sorts of labels given to gay men. I don’t know if it’s because I’m not one or I just don’t listen [Read more…]

Random Thoughts

Happy 39th

It is my birthday. I am 39. Again. You will believe that I am 39 and not go any higher. I am 39. 39.

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Having spent most of the evening trawling through web-sites trying to learn CSS I have come to realise the following: 1. I know more HTML than I give myself credit for. 2. I don’t read everything but skim it to find the things I want – thus missing most of [Read more…]

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Fire Training at Work

Fire training at work is always fun. We get full training in how fires start, how to evacuate, and how to put out small fire. It’s also done in a practical way so we actually get to set off the extinguishers and put out a fire. It can be a [Read more…]

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Where there’s a will

There is something quite calming and cathartic about writing a living will. I was having a discussion the other day about what I would want done in the event of me being put on a life support machine and it made me realise that I doubt anyone knows my wishes. [Read more…]